Who were the 9/11 perps?

Deep state? who were the 9/11 perps? //What Is the Deep State? | The Nation

February 19th, 2017 ·

This analysis is useful enough but misses the desperate point that a ‘deep state’ (more in the sense of Peter Dale Scott) is suspected but unknown to us. The current liberal and/or radical left cannot seem to get its act together over issues of the JFK assassination and/or the 9/11 conspiracy. Until we can

understand such histories the issue of the ‘deep state’ remains an unknown but to some extent palpable concept.

It is no use blathering about the ‘deep state’ if we can’t figure out who was behind the 9/11 conspiracy. Most of the so-called left is still floundering in a muddle on the question. And in the age of Trump we must be wary of getting shafted one more time by a false flag op from the ‘deep state’, a cover term ‘x’ for an unknown…

We can’t equate that with the outer action of George Bush, as far as we know, and that leaves the question of the ‘deep state’ very real indeed.

In the nonce we can see that many on Wall Street made a bunch off the 9/11 game plan, whatever it was, and we detect the twitchings of a deep state directly from that.

Source: What Is the Deep State? | The Nation

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