The core legacy of marxism

Red Forty-eight Group: beyond the marxist legacy

May 15th, 2016 ·

The core legacy of marxism, if streamlined, could be a powerful tool at a time when activist groups are floundering in confusion (although climate activism seems to be picking up). The issue of revolution won’t go away and it is the electoral non-revolutionaries such as Sanders who have re-energized the term. Step one, drop the term marxism, and be ready to de-sanctify Marx

We have explored a series of issues here:

any serious political movement must tackle the question of 9/11 and the concealed governmental conspiracy here. This stops the legitimacy of America in its tracks

this raises the question of covert agencies and the realm of dark ops seeping into modern government: will the left look the other way and, given revolutionary license adopt the whole game and make it worse, as did the Bolsheviks? Modern government has been almost completely corrupted by psychopaths…Any revolution is likely to be overtaken by these types all over again…

consider our discussion of Carroll’s The Big Picture (previous post): the era of positivism produced a brittle materialism, and modern physics as a whole is not producing an accurate view of reality. The sudden posit of materialism against idealism bungled the job of a viable materialism, what to say of idealism. The conflict of the two is a waste of energy at this point

the left has become fixated on darwinism, despite Marx’s instant suspicion, later it would seem deception and he stopped his objections…No serious movement is possible with darwinian assumptions…

There are a host of related issues, but the issue of the 9/11 conspiracy is a good acid test of whether the radical left is really serious or competent

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