Marxists should critique and move beyond ‘productive force determinism’

The marxist left has imposed a theoretical narrative on world history, one that is misleading and out of date now. The division into epochs: feudalism, capitalism, communism, doesn’t correspond to the facts and has made the modern version of capitalist economy a formal status it doesn’t deserve.

This effect of marxist theory, after all the effort to expose capitalism, has dignified it with a status of historical inevitability it doesn’t deserve. Marx’s productive force determinism is a very unsound generalization and considers that capitalism must exhaust its potential for the larger system to transform itself. In reality, the unchecked reign of capitalism has proven disastrous as we can now see from the onset of climate catastrophe and the ideological blindness of capitalist agents and the politicians they control.

Source: The eonic effect as a tool to force close observation of global world history – Darwiniana

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