Democratic market neo-communism…’compromise’ beyond reformism…?

from 2017:
R48G: our formulation is free of the need to defend legacy marxism/leninism…and a proposal to (american) military sectors…

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We have cited in two days two critiques of marxism. Our stance is, so what? Our task in to arrive at a path to postcapitalism, and we can do this without having to spend any time defending marxism or leninism.

This approach to the question of communism as ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is completely unburdened from all the implications of marxist fundamentalism, historical materialism, and yet can easily absorb restatements in simple empirical formats of many of the classic themes/memes such as class struggle, the influence of ideology, economics and theoretical illusion. We can even rescue the labor theory of value as long as we don’t get into theoretical quagmires with the simple restatement to the effect that labor exploitation is historically as the core of capitalism, etc…

Our DMNC is a compromise that isn’t a compromise at all because its foundation is a communist legal foundation and expropriation of private property/the bourgeoisie to the ‘Commons’. With that foundation there is no reason why a structured mix of planned economy and modified market economics can’t coexist in a complex system of transitional and hybrid neo-communist legal/constitutional communism.

There are a whole set of issues however of the actual character of capitalism as is, especially in our focus on the US: let us take up one issue and quite directly preach a path of a military for a postcapitalist age. In a considerable irony the american military could redeem itself by becoming a global force for postcapitalist DMNC and an equalizer in the ecological transition to a new civilization liberated from capitalist militarism, imperialistic fascism and the economic capture by the military industrial complex. A new conception of the soldier based on the individual rather than the mechanized human robot could liberate the tradition from its class basis and exploitation….We can thus propose without apology a seditious project of a military for DMNC as an exit strategy for the current system of exploited, class based and fascist US army sectors…

R48G: the problem of history and problems with the eonic model: a minimalist version of the eonic effect as a series of questions/hypotheses and warnings a-minimalist-version-of-the-eonic-effect-as-a-series-of-questionshypotheses-and-warnings/

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