Trump’s criminal climate policy

R48G: virtual revolution? Trump’s criminal climate policy is grounds for a new politics, and asks for a sacrifice of the present for the future

March 2nd, 2017 · dle_10_11_16_PDF_ver2.pdf

Confronting the reality of what is underway and the potential calamity in the making we tend ‘lost consciousness’ about the reality as the other aspect of that reality (our ability since we will not live to see the full disaster to shift the disaster onto the next generation) makes us ignore the need for some kind of action. Americans have given birth to a civilization that is a monstrosity and its remedy requires some kind of revolutionary challenge. We have proceeded from the virtual revolution, to the potential for a non- violent activism to a non-violent revolution, to the steps to an actual revolutionary future. What do we make of all this? All we can do is to aggressively ‘shout in public’ about the crime against humanity in progress from the US system, which is a basically criminal operation of global predators… This system is vulnerable, however, and a determined social movement could bring it to the brink of discontinuity.

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