A New Age Left? 

The New Age movement has been mired in reactionary ideologies throughout but sooner or later the left is likely to pick up its own take on all of this and begin to generate a ‘religion’ of the future, hopefully no religion at all (the category is perhaps exhausted), but an ability to enquire into the larger dimensions of man and his actual evolution as a creature of consciousness.

In some ways, and it is ironic, the stern embrace of post-hegelian scientism on the left was a prelude to this in its manner of banishing the heavy weight of the past of religion, a new phase of the reformation. The right has outflanked the left by creating a superior form of materialism (with its own limits and flaws) and dialectics as seen in the work of J.G.Bennett. The liability here is not theism but a new construct that is very controversial: the devangelic realm, what Bennett called his ‘demiurgic powers’: the twist here is that this can be embedded in naturalism beyond any supernaturalism, an ironic version of secularism indeed.  Whatever the case with all that the left has created a field that has banished the archaic and often exploitative monotheistic legacies and is open to a new exploration…The key here is not supernaturalism but the issue of consciousness and its enigmas.

Red Forty-eight Group: revolutionary communism as a demiurgic projection? February 7th, 2017 Last year we had a series of posts on the mystery of materialist revolutionism seen as a projection of d…

Source: A New Age Left? – The Gurdjieff Con

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