The hypercomplexity of human evolution

R48G: the eonic effect and a perspective on the hypercomplexity of human evolution March 28th, 2017

There is no inherent objection to a new and future evolution of man, but its meaning in the context of darwinism, and reductionist scientism is likely to be abortive.

It is for this reason we have discussed the ‘meme’ ‘last and first men’ (originally the title of a scifi classic) and rendered that into a book on the left: the question of a future human evolution is so desperate that we must challenge what is coming: the capitalist expropriation of ‘human-hood’ for industrial/capitalist enterprises, the new robotic slaveries…

By the same token, and mindful of the worse confusions of the stalinist humanzee projections, little known, conceived in secret but never carried out, we can equally fear a pseudo-leftist totalitarian resolution of this question.

One thing is clear, we must get it straight and that requires a whole new order of intelligent thought. Let us consider what ‘evolution’ means in terms of the ‘eonic effect’ and its model: a teleological process of mysterious design operating over tens of thousands of years able to remorph whole cultures in a series and able to operate globally, able to interact on physical, ethical, and aesthetic levels, and guide the emergentism realization of a given species.

This is the level of mastery required to use the term ‘evolution’ and any future ‘evolution’ of man. By

this standard homo sapiens is a primitive species still with barely an inkling of his real evolution. The

scale of the ‘eonic effect’ is stupendous. I can barely conceive of it and it is clear that figures like Stephen

Hawking and the students of the Singularity Hub are not very far along either.

The left (and I would say certain classic religious legacies) must be prepared to stand guard over the coming botch of a project with a larger view of secular humanism and its evolution that what is current now in the reductionist Iron Cage realm of social darwinist/capitalist science…

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