If the left could get its h. our of its a. it might be able to help the critique of darwinian ideology…

We also know that darwin critics have a long history of confusing critiques of darwinism with theology, creationism, and misleading design arguments.
The stance on issues of race, racism, and eugenics is laudable but the right here promoting anti-darwinism hasn’t a word of criticism for capitalism.
The left, if it could get its head out of its ass, could lead the way in doing the critique of darwinism right but unfortunately it is so hidebound in the embrace of scientism that it hasn’t a clue…Design arguments are almost a trivial necessity of evolutionary thinking and they need have nothing to do with religion or crypto-theism…

We know that Darwinian evolution has a long and sordid history of entanglement with issues of race, racism, and eugenics.

Source: What’s at Stake in the Debate over Darwinism? | Evolution News

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