In search of an exit strategy from a dying religion

archive: the left as a refuge for Christian refugees in search of an exit strategy from a dying religion

June 24th, 2017 ·

We can understand the history of Christianity if we see that the same process arose with the modern left with mirror image materialist views to the ‘spiritual’ narrative of the ancient exemplar. Many might not credit our interpretation, which we can hardly count as fully established, but the basic point is clear enough to a long view. The left should be wary of falling in the kind of trap that befuddled Jews and Christians.

In any case, the left needs to be ready with a new formula for civilization in the postcapitalist age, in the process providing a refuge and exit strategy for the once and future revolutionary Christians, now besotted with what’s left of a brainwashing instrument…

Leftists need to study the issue of religion to produce a general secular perspective that can serve the needs of a religion of stragglers…

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