American military Frankenstein?

archive: socialist redemption of the American military Frankenstein?

June 24th, 2017

We dropped a comment in our manifesto about a transmogrification or rogue version of a national system of post-capitalism proposed for the US: Two Manifestos…

A system as large as the US with its complex internationalist imperialistic effects would be forced in a revolution to confront a complex externality and this would precipitate imperialism all over again (it actually happened in the Napoleonic phase of the French Revolution), but at least this time in a movement to create a stable non-exploitative system of internationalism, trade and balanced economic mutuality. And a system as powerful as the US could induce a born-again military and its complex to fulfill a truer destiny of the American system by assigning its power to the benevolent task of postcapitalist climate ecology, enforced by a strong national/international power.

We should offer this idea as a gedanken experiment for military thinkers in the American system, on the path to the ‘salvation’ of the American military Frankenstein. A democratic market neo-communism would be the perfect vehicle for that ‘military redemption’ but, please, not the Napoleonic version.

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