Why biologists can’t figure out evolution

archive: the macro effect, and why biologists can’t figure out evolution

July 10th, 2017 ·

Biologists are operating in the foothills of evolution and the result is not a theory at all. If we examine the eonic or macro effect we see roughly what evolution is about, albeit in a slightly different context than what is so far familiar to scientists. The process of evolution is far beyond current forms of science. Looking at the macro effect we must be able to deal with concepts of machines that operate with a purpose, act over tens of millennia, can operate over distributed regions, are able to scan those regions, can operate intermittently, remembering and returning to the last point of focus, can operate in a potential that can direct but not necessarily fully determine outcomes. This process has to be able to operate at a global scale.

That’s a tall order for current science. But if you follow the eonic effect in WHEE (history-and- evolution.com) you may begin to get a sense of it.

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