The model in WHEE vs historical materialism

archive: the model in WHEE vs historical materialism

July 6th, 2017 ·

One of the reasons to suggest the macro model of WHEE to replace historical materialism is that it

1. transcends the economic where HM emphasizes it

that allows a larger view of culture and shows a model where the economic is in principle a subcomponent

the dynamics of civilizations and economies are different

2. it does not select a subset philosophy to explain the whole (although the idea of a model is a partial exception)

instead it embraces all known historical philosophies, and religions and knowledge forms, and not only that, their evolutions over time

3. it embraces the framework of science but stands outside by not applying naive causal explanations

4. yields a structure that shows the action of facts and values together

5. provides an example of how a large-scale system evolves (development over time)

6. corrects misperceptions about random evolution

7. has a definite lineage in Lamarck’s lesser theory (not his theory of adaptation) and the Kantian teleomechanists, the first theoretical biologists in this context

8. gives a clear rationale for the massive appearance of revolution in world history during the early modern

9. bypasses the confusing ‘end of history’ discourse

10. reconciles dynamism and free agency


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