Revolution, gedanken experiments…

archive: our ‘virtual’/’as if’ revolution continues

July 9th, 2017 ·

We are confronted with a situation that clearly indicates a right to revolt and yet we are too disorganized for any such action.

The puzzling inertia of the marxists at the key moment is an oddity that probably is easy to understand and an injunction we must start from scratch, and be quick about it. We have tried to focus on the period of the original Communist Manifesto and thence on a format of democracy market neo- communism: a synthesis of opposites that fulfills the original impulse but frees itself from dogmatic legacies.

We have been handed a strange circumstance where a move to the right is generated a renewal of the left and we need a broad range of potential actions, not forgetting the revolutionary as one option. Do we have any other options? Surely, we do but the reality of the situation confronts us with a remarkable set of suggestions for genuine regime change. But the passage to that is treacherous, as we know.

However, it seems we must chance the passage: we are backs to the wall on climate change…and that alone is grounds for intervention…

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