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July 9th, 2017 ·

Books: (all pdf’s available as Kindle books/Amazon)

Last and First Men

Out of Revolution

The Crisis of Modernity

Point of No Return

Toward a New Communist Manifesto Democratic Market Neo-Communism Posts/essays:
http://darwiniana.com/?s=red+forty-eight+group+fortyeight+R48G: The Red Forty-eight Group

http://darwiniana.com/?s=market+neo-communism+communism: Market Neo-Communism

This is a good day to summarize some of the resources here and to review some of the issues dealing with the proposal for a new kind of left.

The basic idea is a question: how make use of a classic marxist legacy if the public by and large rejects that.

We have provided an equivalent in a very generalized form, one that defines its own terms, starts from its own axioms, and yet creates a kind of superset of marxism that can always refer to that legacy.

Some of the generalized ideas are:

stand beyond materialism and idealism. The debate between the two is a permanent stalemate and taking sides requires eliminating almost half of a huge subject!

generalize the base/superstructure discourse to a fuzzy version that isn’t a deterministic/teleological
(??) theory. All we need is the fuzzy statement that the base and superstructure show a correlated set of ideological/class elements. The point here is to keep the discourse empirical/theory free

renounce leninism (what to say of stalinism) and yet study its history: a new communism must blend a democratic revolution and a communist/socialist revolution: we can’t have a two stage revolution. Democracy must come into existence with the foundation of communism. That does not mean that a transient stage guarding a revolution can’t exert strong authority. NEVER use the term ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, but get the point: a transition to a democratic phase can exert strong control until a new system is stable and viable.

Our formulation will assume a kind of popular mandate and the issue of stalinist repression will never arise…

renounce marxism in the sense of not getting into the theological defense of Marx and his theories. It is a purely historical saga, inspiring but not directly binding

move via an electoral path that is open to revolutionary contingency

there is a lot more in the various links and resources…

The basic idea of democratic market neo-communism is to create a balanced set of potentials and opposites in a fresh combination that doesn’t have to answer to dogmas of the past. In the final analysis the potential for postcapitalism is ironically far greater in an advanced (and in the US deteriorating) capitalist economy in a so-called democracy. The example of Russian bolshevism is thus out the window. We start from scratch…

All this can be taken as a theoretical exercise that can challenge the vagueness of too much activist thinking. But its time is coming, in fact is here, and it must be tuned to the possibility of a real revolution.

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