Transition through current crisis

Market (neo-)communism in the transition through the coming crisis…

April 2nd, 2016 ·

In the context of the climate crisis we are moving beyond populist politics on inequality: we will be lucky if we can prevent the elites from simply deleting the working and other classes from any share of the pie as they create elite survival pods.

In that context we must think in terms of the whole, i.e. some form of neo-communism, free of the cliches and dead hand of the older brands.

We might do what we did with socialism: consider market socialism, here market communism, as a gedanken experiment. A communist revolution might seem unrealistic, but if we approach the end point in stages we can begin to consider at least something: market communism considers a system of a planetary federation of communist republics, with control of all large-scale industry under governmental and UN control, but leaving some or multiple aspects of industrial civilization strictly regulated, delivered beyond private property to the Commons, but still functioning in a de facto semi-independe

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