The passing of axial age monotheism…

We live in a secular age, but the remnants of judaism and christianity litter modern culture with increasingly obsolete and out of place elements. The question of israel is especially toxic, and finally tragic, and tends to be given a pass under duress of charges of antisemitism when in reality the issue of judaism demands one and the same secularization process that is at work overall, and that should include islam but that case is complex for an outsider and is now confused by issues of islamophobia. The latter case will take care of itself as the inexorable ‘reformation to postreligion’ process that began in the sixteenth century moves to encompass the whole field of axial age monotheism. Note we speak of the Axial Age, not of monotheism as such. The secular process is not the same as the modern rise of atheism which is simply one of a multiplicity of secular emergent cultural trends. If we examine the eonic effect we see that the religions of proximate antiquity replaced the legacies of Egypt and Sumer (and their complex derivatives), referring to the occident, the case of, say, buddhism being parallel and analogous. But it took many centuries for that process to complete. We see an identical process at work in modern times. In some ways it is better, to avoid intolerance to leave this process to itself: we see that spontaneously, or so it seems, these ancient legacies are passing away. The case of buddhism is confusing but it will soon have its own reformation. Judaism and christianity are spontaneously dissolving.

The question of israel is no different but many are determined to fight the future, in vain in the long run. There is a simple solution to the question of israel, hopefully not foreclosed: a modern nation state with the basics of equality and right, that’s it. To have watched seizure of that future by old testament religious morons is both puzzling and sad.

One might well ask why it works this way: a close study of the eonic effect can help here and we can guess the answer: the sphere of greater nature generates religions, it seems, and then recycles them.

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