maybe this article is kidding…??How Marxism and Buddhism complement each other …???

As readers of The Gurdjieff Con blog know the question of buddhism is ultra-tricky with all sorts of ‘appearance’ and ‘deep reality’ issues. Buddhism has a robust literature of consciousness and meditation, but its later history is highly problematical and there is a hidden fascist element invisible to the naked idea. The buddhist tradition is in some ways futuristic, but in others entirely premodern, reactionary, and anti-democratic behind its mask.
A study of the history of religion suggests clearly that just as buddhism was a ‘hindu reformation’ a new ‘neo-buddhism’ will arise and the left should be vigilant to make sure the break with history is complete. Gurus are falling all over themselves for the job: cf. a derelict case like Rajneesh of the last generation. Not so simple here…
Who the blazes thinks is foisting the trumps and other dictators on the world in an antimodernist war on modernity? That said, one should NOT blame ordinary buddhists who are good people and oblivious to the hidden mafias in buddhism, hinduism and sufism. Behind this ‘behind’ are figures who case manufacture drone political fascists. Not as hard as it looks. Just how that works is not clear but we catch a glimpse in the era of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky (themselves fringe characters) as they appeared just at the time of the bolshevik revolutions to seed a reaction at the moment of the sudden emergence of fascism. You would think the many ‘liberal’ readers of Ouspensky could grasp his promotion of the law of caste and reverse class struggles to destroy modern freedoms with renewed class societies. Creepy PR fronts like the Dalai Lama have fooled a lot of people.
Buddhism requires a close look at the history of Tibet: late buddhism is a very peculiar suspect. If the history of Tibet read between the lines doesn’t doesn’t clarify a murky picture, nothing will. There is nothing in buddhism that can’t be replicated by a neo-post-buddhist commie with a meditation cushion, and the lack of one, better yet…

Life is suffering, whether you sit under a Bodhi Tree or stand with the workers. But do the two schools agree on the remedy?

Source: How Marxism and Buddhism complement each other | Aeon Essays

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