The virtual church of the ‘Holy Brick’…??

One of the problems with critiquing monotheism is that secular culture has been kidnapped by its own brand of religious ideology: a good example is the New Atheist movement with its sterile distortion of atheism itself and the cult-like social conditioning of its adherents who have astonishingly made being an atheist subject to the same kind of doctrinal hair-splitting we find in xtian ranks.

Secularism, looking at the modern transition from 1500 to around the end of the eighteenth century is stunningly rich in elements of all kinds, but in the rise of scientism, reductionism, and positivistic pseudo-metaphysics the field turns into the most barren deconstruction of modernity for still another bastardized ‘religion’.

This situation could be easily repaired but the realm of scientism is instead growing and increasing in its grip on all elements of culture. But that can’t last long: it is not really secular at all. But the point is that the passing of monotheistic religion could end up producing something worse and the impulse to revolt against modernity and secularism to repair this will generate one and the same kind of religious ideologizing we thought was over with. This pseudo-secular recombination can’t handle issues of ethics, issues of consciousness, has defaulted to the worst version of darwinian pseudo-science in desert of value-free propagandizing for bad science. Those enjoined to realize and understand the passing of religious traditions can hardly be expected to embrace this field of pseudo-secular idiocy.

The early modern transition to the ‘secular’ (a term which was originally created by religious thinkers in the reformation era to express their sense of a new era dawning) (seculum) was rich in technical innovations, arts/fine arts, literature, poetry, drama, philosophy, religious scholarship, science, …the list goes on. But in the wake of this we get the kind of mechanized pseudo-modernity that ended up capturing culture (and one notes marxist lefts) for a kind of sterilized behaviorist world view that can’t even acknowledge its own modernity.

The rise of the modern also produced a projection of its future out of the dialectic of capitalism/socialism (of some kind) and points to some new future for the modern. But the reduction of the left to marxist scientism and economic pseudo-theories is not the least of the derailed secular moments.

The issue of religion has been reduced to atheist attacks on god: while it is clear that ‘godism’ had degenerated almost from the start, it remains true that atheism can be just another belief system like that of the ‘god believers’ and that the issue of secularism is not that of the god question: the latter in the wake of Kant entering the realm of metaphysical and antinomial oblivion: as atheism accelerates against monotheism the ‘god’ idea both collapses and resurrects in the new opportunity left by the passing of the utterly stupid theologies of classic monotheism. The god idea is kind of ‘who cares’ at this point, on both sides. Good riddance to that, but by the same token a religion of New Atheist ‘atheist’ fanatics isn’t/(AIN’T) much more than ‘plus ca change’-ish for modern comfort. C’mon guys, ‘New Atheist’ jihad is just plain boring. Repent, effective immediately.

We could have a new New Reformation, the idea of the virtual church of the Holy Brick, where industrious secularists embark upon a pilgrimage of ‘Protestant Reformed Secularism’ to try and enrich the secular wasteland with religious histories new post-kantian forms of ‘god’ gibberish, new forms of ‘spiritual’ practice, research into meditation, scientific studies of consciousness, efforts at constructing a serious human psychology (finally) and new semantic breakthroughs re: exotic god ideas beyond xtian/judaic idiocy, dime a dozen per week, but useful on any pilgrimage…etc.

The way we work in the idea of the ‘Holy Brick’ is that this is all a bit ‘virtual’ on the way to realization and the foundation brick for the New Protest secular church carried into the future toward that New Moment for the New Church of Protestant Reformed Secularism. There are a host of old abandoned churches going to waste, with a god dating app and the Holy Brick secular post religion could really go places.

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