The passing of judeo-xtianity/islam

The legacies of monotheism: judaism, xtianity, islam, are undergoing a mysterious long term collapse, not so mysterious at all to students of the eonic effect which shows the way that religious traditions respond to the transformation of age periods, here modernity and its ‘secular’ umbrella. It is increasingly obvious that these entities are doomed to a future decline and disappearance. Every imaginable effort has been taken to preempt this, to no avail.

In fact, one of the original impulses behind zionism was the realization of something of this kind, put differently to be sure: to try and adapt to a modernist post-judaism: the result has backfired and is almost a calamity: like a classic ‘tragic irony’ the attempt to forestall becomes the vehicle itself of dissolution. We cannot even if we remain religious consent of submit to the actual thuggery and geopolitical criminality of the zionist perspective, in the process exposing to the light the fragile belief system of judaic tradition, next to the equally derelict theologies of xtian/islamic tradition.

The seeming problem is that ‘jewish identity’ is a religious issue, unlike the universalism of the other monotheisms. Even a cursory glance at Israel’s cultural reality on the ground shows the hopelessness of this categorization. It has fallen into the hands of rightist/orthodox super idiots who wish to redefine modern statehood along pathological lines of grotesque chauvinism. You can back this up by brainwashing american dumbheads, create nuclear weapons, and crucifying palestinians, but in the end it is/will be all for naught. Jews can’t blame antisemites for their problem here: they have noone to blame but themselves…

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