The working class, the universal class 

Our discussion of the universal versus the working class can help to broaden the perspective of leftists whose ritual mantra about the working class is often too abstract and up in the air. The distinction might actually help the original focus on the working class which was one of the great ideas of the nineteenth century left, but it needs reanalysis now and it might help to see the way the whole game has shifted and start to multitask the whole range of ‘class’ formations. Since the working class is almost the same as the universal class, with important distinctions, this parallel strategy might locate a new and broader working class: if we take those who live on wage labor then the real ‘working class’ is immensely broader than those who work in factories, etc…That can enrich the concept of the working class even as it moves to include many who might not now be much beyond ‘petty bourgeois’ card carry. In fact, the ‘working class’ is in quotation marks now in the era of the ‘Trump base’ and outsourcing: it is hard to create the focus that once existed and a more general idea of the working class might help.

R48G: from universal class back to the working class… February 3rd, 2018

Source: The working class, the universal class – Darwiniana

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