we no longer owe such criminal states our passive allegiance…//As Heat Wave Boils Europe, Lackluster Bonn Talks Marred by US and Saudi-Led Obstruction of Climate Science

Discussions of revolutions tend to be abstractions and nullified by sacrosanct gandhian takeover of the left, more less. Beside that the confusions of more radical activists tend to shut down other options But it should be clear, if not certain, that the usual round of reformist/evolutionary thinking confronts a social psychosis mixed with reactionary ideological and capitalist hypnosis that has already succeeded in setting the planet on a course of doom. Any government at this point that rejects climate science and destroys all forms of regulation to the point of ignoring lead in the public supply of water has essentially cease to be a government at all is subject to revolutionary counter. How else could it be?

But they are still sane enough to have made an exit strategy very difficult. The CIA alone has tens of thousands of full time students of counterrevolution. Small wonder the recoil into reformist slow motion. We should in any case not sermonize or close off that option. Its essence is in fact revolutionary despite the Bernsteinian false hope the system would evolve to the ‘result’.

We need an intervention, and this revolutionary option has passed from controversial to something like a duty. But the agents for that are unprepared, themselves delusional, and can offer no failsafed revolution that can maintain a direction, fulfill a predicted outcome and stave off the coup phenomenon, etc,… so obvious from French history, what to say of the Russian.
We cannot expect any known project of revolutionary action to able to confront the sheer scale of political power, and we cannot expect the legacy style of marxist leninism to be able to have a second inning. The histories of the Russian revolution here are not reliable guides. It is almost impossible to arrive at the facts let alone use them as a model.
But we should at least, 1. recast the ideas of revolution in upgraded form, 2. create as that form an ecological and socialist platform in the process asking how to failsafe revolution, should the opportunity emerge: such opportunities have consistently been unexpected and we can expect the unexpected in the coming calamity of climate change and the further atrocity of political blindness confronting such an emergency. We owe the state no allegiance is such a circumstance.

We thus suggest revolutionary options. And yet we have no left whatsoever that could bring about such a process, and no real blueprint for action. Sorry, rehashed leninism is not good enough.

“Science is not negotiable.”

Source: As Heat Wave Boils Europe, Lackluster Bonn Talks Marred by US and Saudi-Led Obstruction of Climate Science | Common Dreams News

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