Political science hasn’t been invented yet…

These comparisons are apt, but perhaps misleading as Reich is no doubt aware: we see fragments in isolation when what we need is a combination that is able to integrate a set of opposites seen in isolation. Our ‘(ecological socialist) ‘democratic market neo-communism’ purports to integrate these fragments after a combined analysis of ‘democracy’ in relation to authority, markets in parallel with planning and a genuinely socialist idea of a Commons which is not the same as state capitalism.
The Chinese example is better compared to the nineteenth century take offs, e.g. the american, where the american now shows a kind of decadence of its initial success. All of our models are incomplete and mislead us: ‘socialism’, ‘democracy’, markets and capitalism, etc, are abstractions that have little meaning in isolation. Capitalism would seem an exception, being apparently quite thoroughly realized, but a closer look from the left shows a frankenstein myth come true and a market driven ‘self-organization’ mechanics now doomed to planetary wasteland creation, an incomplete fiction indeed.  We think these terms have stable definitions or are complete recipes but in reality the whole question of political science is a species of primitive superstition.

Source: Robert Reich: America’s biggest economic problem isn’t China – Alternet.org

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