Can man come to understand and overtake the eonic effect? will homo sapiens become extinct?

Man is overconfident of his ‘will to civilization’ given the evidence of the eonic effect with respect to a hidden driver behind its evolution (the ‘eonic evolution’ of civilization). We must suspect that the free gift of eonic macro effects has, or will soon, come to an end and the dangers for man are considerable indeed, given his insane politics, unjust societies, economic obsessions, failed religions, machiavellian political disease, and general lack of real ‘self-consciousness’ resulting in robotic behaviorism.
We should also be ‘optimistic’ that man can graduate to superadvanced ‘technologies’ that can replace the eonic effect: applied operations over scales of tens of millennia, the riddle of creativity, the hidden occult factors in religion, the real nature of human psychology (will, soul, consciousness)…and much else…best of luck…No spaceflights to the stars until the homework is done: quarantine against cosmic contamination…

Source: Can man rise to the level of the ‘eonic effect’? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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