the deeper current behind explicit fascism…//Why Define Fascism?

This article makes some important distinctions but there is a deeper dimension to the issue: behind fascism lies, as we have noted many times at The Gurdjieff Con blog, a current of anti-democratic, antimodern reactionary metapolitics. Its action transcends to the outer instruments of fascism and might remake itself using variants of fascism or different tactics altogether. It courts individuals who will attempt to undermine modern democracy and freedom. We see the game in the mysterious proliferation of dictators in recent times. Those who were familiar, for example, with the guru Rajneesh became aware of a strain of fascist exploration and an earlier form of  concealed antidemocratic perspectives. The lineage of this game would prove surprising…A dictatorship of the ‘buddhas’ was one early form of the reactionary antimodernism of the gurus and their seeing of reactionary individuals and movements. Such entities have considerable concealed influence and power and leave one to wonder at figures like Trump.

Repetition of the past may not be an option…We need to be wary of that deeper current which is chameleon-like it its shifting manifestations.

Whether Trump is a fascist or not the fact remains that he has acted out a strange kind of slow motion coup and in the process degraded democratic norms…

Source: Why Define Fascism?: In Defence of Making Distinctions – COSMONAUT

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