A stalemated debate

We have gone over this ground a dozen times and attempted to be critical of evolutionary reformism, but not with marxist cliches but with an attempt to recast a postmarxist perspective that still considers the revolutionary action directly. Responses to Chibber here still preach undiluted marxist boilerplate and the claim for ‘scientific socialism’. We have shelved the claims for science, but we can still consider the problems with the kind of compromised path promoted in his wake. The revolutionary left tends to be its own worst enemy as it remains stuck in the past, fails to see the problems with the Russian revolution and promotes leninism as a path to the future. We can reject leninism, more or less, and yet look to a truer revolutionary potential. At this point both sides need to examine each other, critically, and yet with a view to seeing that neither side has a clear path.
It is easy to critique revolutionism and yet the dilemmas continues to haunt those one the path to social democracy…

By Ahmed K.   In December 2017, NYU sociology professor Vivek Chibber published a major strategic statement in Jacobin which has since played a large role in setting the terms of debate in the socialist movement, in particular in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Carrying the title “Our Road to Power,” the piece referenced […]

Source: The Revolution Will Be Supervised: On Vivek Chibber’s “Our Road To Power” (Part 1) – La Voz De L@s Trabajadores/Workers’ Voice

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