Venezuela blah blah on the left: the need to complete the revolution…//ZCommunications » Explanations for the Current Crisis in Venezuela

We have often suggested a way out of the Venezuelan impasse which is finally a judgment on the left’s inability to specify a real socialist system. The Venezuelan system is overanalyzed: the failure is that of international socialism to offer a viable path to its own definitionless abstraction. The Bolivarian revolution is really a revolution manque that senses the dangers of stalinism and balks at the threshold.
Something like our DMNC model, ‘democratic market neo-communism’, could resolve at once the false complications self-inflicted by the passage to ‘socialism’ boundary, and then stopping in place.
The system in place needs to move toward the expropriation of capitalist entities outstanding, recreate a new form of democracy in tandem with a strong communist presidential authority, and then an amplification of its outstanding bolivarian communes, etc, into an economy that is no longer based on oil. The sanctions placed on the latter could have been a blessing in disguise as a challenge to diversification. A new democracy, a strong presidential authority with true socialist/communist assumptions, a Commons, a system of planned and neo-market economics: the Venezuelan system is turning into circles because social reconstruction has no blueprints for action: the reality is that Venezuela, like Bernie Sanders, talks socialism but is nothing of the kind, as yet.

Source: ZCommunications » Explanations for the Current Crisis in Venezuela

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