Historical dynamism and values

Critiquing Marx and marxism can backfire but if we do it from the left we can make clear that the need for an upgrade of its core theories. We have suggested a look at the so-called ‘eonic effect’: this time, however, you are free to critique any such historical perspective. At the same time even a minimal take in this vein makes clear that values have a crucial place in the analysis of history. And the dynamism visible, if only in part, actually involves such values, and example being both the ideology and dynamics of ‘freedom’, a remarkable if tricky circumstance. This does not prevent a stance of objectivity: we can for example examine the dynamism of freedom with both a sense of participation and yet a stance taken up deliberately of neutrality. We have to change gears in studying history between attempts at objectivity and our own immersion in history.

We have produced some fairly radical perspectives here but it does not follow that we endorse all the theories of marxists or Marx.

Source: The eonic effect and historical materialism – Darwiniana

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