Will, the hidden factor in human consciousness

The will is a bit far from issues of historical materialism. The issue of the will is almost as elusive as that of ‘enlightenment’. The will in man is not his sense of willing, or will power. It is directly related to ‘free will’ issues, but in a different mode. Is in the real sense is unconscious and almost never visible…
The left might adopt some version of Bennett for a new version of the definition of man…not so easy…watch your step…

Without freedom man cannot create socialism…Marx’s productive force determinism is misleading…

This post was supposed to be at The Gurdjieff Con, but I pulled a fast one and put it at Darwiniana… Modern biology can’t do justice to the human ‘organism’/being: the issue of the w…

Source:  The will, beside being, as a factor of homo sapient unconscious ‘mind’. – Darwiniana

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