despite the aura of the Communist Manifesto, the marxist framework is dated, and flawed, and precipitated the failure of bolshevism…

Forcing comparison with Marx can backfire: he is at best an historical flag at this point: we need urgently to move on from marxism with a critique of Marx’s theories, disown bolshevism, decipher the issue of economics with compulsive marxist boilerplate, and in general see the way Marx’s theories have precipitated failure.
A key issue here is the way Marx’s stages of production theory generated miscalculation: the division into economic epochs doesn’t work and the inevitability of communism, left undefined, creating a void that Stalin ended up filling.

The critique of social democracy is appropriate, but the path to revolution is beset with bolshevik hallucinations and the confusions of leninism which we can’t repeat. The revolutionary idea requires more than marxist enthusiasm: hardly any preparatory though exists on the subject beyond a stale repetitioni of state capitalist and planning scenarios…

Source: The Jacobin Vision of Social Democracy Won’t Save Us

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