Marxism and the black hole of hegelian confusions

Is there such a thing as a marxist who isn’t confused by Hegel? And, no matter how much one tries, marxists will always navigate back into the hegelian swamp and confuse themselves.
Mars and Engels lived through a remarkable moment in the history of philosophy but missed the key beginnings in the era of Kant. By the time of Hegel a kind of obscurantism had been constructed by those who did not understand him, and that has cast a shadow over the left. And the reaction tokened by Feuerbach in the 1840’s shows the sudden reversal toward the kind of outcome we see in Marx/Engels embracing an equally confused materialism, the ‘historical materialism’ emerging in 1848 period and beyond.
I have always been mindful of the way Schopenhauer denounced the way a whole generation was confused by Hegel and the way the Kantian revolution was frittered away in a strange brand of mystical idealism. His denunciations of Hegel may be obsessive but they went on and on for decades. Schopenhauer himself has a limited yet elegant and brand of kantianism that was immensely popular at the end of the nineteenth century. Too bad the left didn’t embrace a version of that. Its historical materialism is a millstone around its neck. In fact, rarely considered is the phase of German ethical socialism and the Marburg school at the end of the nineteenth century, a robust correction to the philosophical confusions of the marxists with their hegelian muddle, confusion over dialectic and extreme materialist scientism. How could such a mess have arisen? Marxists, as if to fulfill the prophecy of Schopenhauer, have sown an immense confusion into the middle of humble efforts to found socialism, which doesn’t require the Hegelian phantom or its marxist upside-downism.
The left needs a simplified history of philosophy, a critique of historical materialism, a starting point in Kant (and/or the beginnings of philosophy in ancient Greece), a look at the issue of scientism, the Romantic movement and its reaction. Hegel’s reaction to Kant is a most difficult issue and the one-sided take on Hegel, and that preposterously in the middle of an internecine battle with idealism, has turned the history of socialism into a farce of bad philosophy, and a near majority of turned-off leftists manque.
The left would be better off stripping socialism of its marxist wrapper and starting over with something more usable than the strange black hole era of post kantian philosphy.

The inversion of Hegel’s dialectics is based on the assumption that it is the “self-development of the idea” of which, therefore, the dialectic of facts is only the image, while the dialectic in our…

Source: MR Online | Engels on the importance of Hegel to Marxism

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