Trump as fascist drone…?

Darn’d if I know, as they say, but the suspicions about Trump have been going on for several years. We have not properly explained this perspective: you can sift through the archives of the old Darwiniana and the three books in print on the issue of New Age movement plus an autobiographical fragment at (the old

This approach might suggest why the fascist Trump never quite materialized. Have we missed the point which is about not Hitler 2.0? imitations wouldn’t work, a new angle is needed for ‘creative fascism’: Trump is an almost perfect exemplar, and at the same time parody, of slow motion faux fascist erosion of a democracy using dummy fronts: the way this happened is beyond Trump’s grasp, as are his own feats of sabotage, one after the other, all smarter than he. The clever strategy of feckless attacks on democracy from such a dunce is puzzling. So I am suspicious. BTW, The powers of hypnosis known to sufi gangsters is not public knowledge nor should it be, so I won’t explain it, even assuming I know anything about it beyond the faint traces of the perfect crime and stuff even more scary. But it makes the thesis proposed a bit more plausible if not proven. Trump seems like the one man show version of the Night of the Living Dead.

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