R48G:  revolution to reformism and back…// lowdown on harringtonian DSA…//MR Online | Michael Harrington and his afterlives

This is a good summary of the origins of the DSA and the issue of Realignment that haunts its legacy. We often critique reformism here but we have signaled that we will at the same time do a ‘toss off’ to the evolutionary field of our thinking. We have an idea of ‘virtual revolution’ that can help the evolutionary/reformist at least think in revolutionary terms, if only to see that a complete construction in principle shows what is needed. The pieces of social existence fit together and undermine piecemeal reforms.
Whatever the case the DSA is gestating a component of our more general view…
We point to our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ as a no longer ‘virtual’ exercise but at the same time a challenge to reformists to look at the Lovecratian ‘Thing on the doorstep’ in the sense of social democratic thinking making the passage across the Dread Boundary called Expropriation, a basic requirement to proceed with refoundation. But the idea of our DMNC might be of use/interest for the so-called DSA: democratic socialist semantic wish fulfillment…

Doug Enaa Greene gives an overview and critique of the political journey of Michael Harrington, founder of the Democratic Socialist of America, and his influence on reformist socialism to this day.

Source: MR Online | Michael Harrington and his afterlives

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