[Marxism] Socialism and the Democracy Deficit | The New Republic

Still another article on socialism as The New Republic
The left’s new world of reviving socialism does need to learn from the past and be wary of simply repeating its older history: we don’t need to make a dogma out of an ‘ism’ that was unable to really grapple with economic issues.
Our model of ‘democratic market neo-communsim’ addresses the ‘democracy deficit’, the economic issue and proposes a new and more robust version of expropriation lacking in the dismal fixation on state capitalism that haunted the old lefts.

A verbose and hackneyed defense of bourgeois democracy based on Rawls that obviously was published to ward off the possibility that Doug Henwood and Astra Taylor’s defense of the Jacobin/DSA might lead to this: “Perhaps one thing that those American socialists who claim to put democracy first could do is persuade its editors to change the name of their journal. It conjures up the guillotine.” I wouldn’t worry too much about this as long as Vogue keeps scheduling their regular Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez photo shoots.


Source: [Marxism] Socialism and the Democracy Deficit | The New Republic

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