Trump’s ironic seeding of revolutionary action??

The reckoning of the DSA is tricky for an outsider and we should opt for a studied ambivalence along the fault line of our evolutionary/revolutionary duality. To propose a revolutionary option is to make that the dominant theme with a nod to the remote possibility of evolving to postcapitalism. But one suspects that the overall system, if we examine the now bizarre state of the dysfunctional US, is moving toward breakdown and the kind of chaos that will make an evolutionary trajectory into a revolutionary one.

In a strange irony, a figure like Trump with a fascist Halloween mask, is brilliantly dismantling the american system in stages, to what final end is not clear. The left, DSA included, must be ready to fight a takeover by real fascists in a crystallization of actual tyranny.

Given the facts of the case with respect to climate change turning into climate calamity and the Trump refusal to even acknowledge the problem the american system has produced both the right and soon the duty of revolutionary action, DSA’ers please note.

Here we offer our simple model, like a lego kit, of ecological socialism as ‘democratic market neo-communism’. This modeling system requires the solution of at least four difficult issues in tandem, all at once: the question of politics as democracy versus authority, the question of economy as markets versus planning, with a novelty in the question of ‘socialist markets’, and the key question for DSA, thinking of a Commons, that is the outcome of ‘expropriation’ as a path bypassing state capitalism and creating a genuinely shared set of resources once the reign of ‘Capital’. Overall the issue of authority and democracy requires careful thinking.

If British labor once nationalized key industries there is no inherent impossibility to an electoral version of our proposed emanation from our toolkit. In any case our revolutionary assumptions must also speak to the evolutionaries. They just might inherit the ‘revolution’ wrought by the immense blunder in motion of the increasingly fascist transmogrification of the US: at some point, as with 1917 Russia, the revolution emerges in anarchic spontaneity. So we need not sermonize the DSA, or for that matter Jacobin (whose chosen name reflects violent revolution in a non-paradox): sit tight and revolution will be the last option, perhaps coming sooner than we think, just be sure to have a contingency plan, and a good one: our model of DMNC as ecological socialism (neo-communism) reminds us that the leninists stumbled into the greatest opportunity possible for a postcapitalist experiment and dropped the chance because they had no real plan of action. Amazingly marxism under Marx’s view produced no real blueprint for the future, and was in a state of confusion over the issues of how to create a new economy.

So we can absolve the DSA for the nonce of evolutionary fictions, but warn of the need to be ready in reserve for a revolutionary opportunity…

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