Recasting marxist theory in terms of the eonic effect would yield a rich dividend of a reborn communism…

We are hard on marxists and marxism but the reality is that a movement toward communism as neo-communism is about all that we will have left as the phase of capitalism so-called devastates the planet. But marxism in its current form is not adequate to the task of the reconstruction of civilization.

As with the last post we note how easy it would be to recast historical materialism in terms of the eonic effect and its model: the result has all the ingredients required to refound a new type of culture and this outcome it postcapitalist has a limited range of potentials, i.e. a brand of communism. The eonic model embraces all categories of thought, transcends religion/secularism, and touches scientific, ethical and aesthetic phenomena for all periods of world history in a (rough near) balance of global regions.

The eonic model is impartial and could be adapted to liberal, socialist/communist, religious (dubious), versions. But as Marx saw in his otherwise fallacious stages of production theory the collapse of capitalist systems is going to be severe and we arrive by a process of elimination at the variants of socialism. The marxist attempts to define that have been very poor and we should insist that the creation of a socialist future is not as difficult as it seems given the obscurity of marxist theory which has confused the issue.

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