The ‘original sin’ of (judaic) monotheism: the idea of ‘god’ acting in history…?

We have a series of posts today on the issue of monotheism, a subject noone can get straight, noone, certainly not monotheists, nor secularists, nor darwinists…
The eonic effect, itself a mystery, shows why the idea of god acting in history arose in the israelite stream…

If we examine the eonic effect we see that the concept of the one god, the primitive character of the Old Testament and the remarkable frontier effect of the eonic model, ended up spoiling the whole venture underway: the emergence of a general monotheism as a world religion was subtly as a religious tragedy unfolded: one religion becoming two  jackknifed against each other…

To say that ‘god’ was acting in history with a specific focus on Israel was a dangerous delusion and we can see that the parallel emergence of theistic monotheism and an atheistic buddhism in a similar dynamic demonstrates the process remarkable as it was had nothing to do with ‘god’…

The era of the Axial Age in the middle of the eonic effect/sequence shows a truly mysterious process at work during which we see the staging ground for a blending of early persian zorastrianism and…

Source:  The eonic effect shows how the emergence of monotheism turned into a tragedy…and hopeless muddle… – Darwiniana

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