Marxists living in the past

Marxistsare living in the past of the failed left of the twentieth century. The dreams of revolution of these has beens have created a difficult obstacle to the hopes of a real radicalism… The world of archaeo-marxism, bolshevism, marx/lenin worship, stalinist idiocy, Trotskyism, Maosim, thence to the sixties and its hopeless muddle of the SDS, the SWP and the rest of it deserves its history but it also needs to be disowned and left behind so that a new generation can start over.

These not yet dead elder beards with incurable marx ideology and worship are currently confusing a new generation of socialists who are not quite clear on the problems with marxism, bolshevism, and the rest of it. We need to remember and forget this older left and create a new left with a new framework for a postcapitalist future. The terms ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ themselves are so corrupted by the abuse of the old left as to be almost useless at this point but we must somehow rescue them to a new understanding. We can do that by seeing that they emerged before the marxists created a monopoly of their semantics with Marx’s second rate theories (and no doubt many insights beyond his botched theory morass) and that we can start over to create a clear, practical, constructivist perspective that can free socialism and communism from their current graveyard status.
Our DMNC model has shown how easy it is to free the subject from its marxist coffin: that model has its own limits but it challenges a new generation to say goodbye to the ghosts of the older era and find some kind of path beyond the crisis of capitalism and climate ecology.

Source: Rebuilding a Revolutionary Left in the USA

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