Our DMNC becomes ES/DMNC…eco-socialism as democratic market neo-communism and its socialist green (new) deal…//The climate revolution must be ecosocialist

Source: Life on the Left: No shortcuts: The climate revolution must be ecosocialist

This useful and very specific essay outlines a whole series of issues in the range of eco-socialism and the whole discussion fits into our model of DMNC like a glove: this involves seeing our ‘democratic market neoo-communism’ as a version of eco-socialism. On paper the two fit together janus-faced and our ‘new economy’ can be adapted to minimal growth or no growth, regulation of all CO2 issues in the context of our ‘green neo-communism’, and a social project to move past fossil fuels in a constrained schedule. Only something like our DMNC could achieve this and its component of ecological courts and presidential component guarding/constructing a Commons could plan and execute an eco-socialist program inside our DMNC: a rolls royce successor to the ‘green new deal’. Our method of speaking to both the electoral and revolutionary options demands a review of the limits of ‘new deals’ and our version would be a ‘neo-communist’ (green) new deal.
This article clearly illuminates the revolutionary dilemma behind any real proposals to stay on a carbon reduction budget although there is the possibility of a hybrid as a chaotic collapse allows a combined electoral/revolutionary outcome.
Our analysis is uniquely defined but does inherit a fair use of legacy marxist ideas taken critically but we consider on the hand the idea of ‘socialism’ in one country AND an international.
Our model has set of sliding scales, one being its remaining use of ‘markets’ based on a Commons: it can throttle back and forth between percentages of planned and market sectors.
In an extreme situation the ES/DMNC can go into survival mode as a rescue degrowth outcome and move to prevent an elite bunkers in the arctic syndrome condemning billions to calamity.

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