Israel’s destruction of israel’s right to exist: the zionist mafia and the collapse of judeo-xtianity

Israel regularly violates human rights, murders journalists, and is now becoming part of a global far-right alliance. Cutting aid to the country should be “on the table” — to say the least.

Source: AOC Is Right About Aid to Israel

It is testimony to the power of the zionist mass hypnosis and antisemitism blackmail that such a mild attack on israel is taken as adequate to the gruesome debacle of state with its so-called right to exist and its zionist tragic finale. A tad unfair? A very good response to the current confusion. But the current real facts of the case with israel are in motion given the rising stridency of zionist critiques. Cf. the link for references to Grand Deceptions and from Yahweh to Zion: the truth is far worse than even leftist critics might suspect.
The most drastic suspicions have crystallized in this case viz. the place of israel in the 9/11 false flag op is merely one of the key evidences of zionist criminality. The full picture is so stark with the added fact5s of jewish/israeli control of american politics.
We end up with the need for a revolution to free the US from the dark influence of zionist domination. The attacks on someone like Omar for antisemitism show the absurd game in process.

The extreme now of the zionist mafia tokens the endgame must come soon: jews themselves have destroyed isreal’s right to exist. Some place called ‘israel’ will continue but a revolution must occur to transform the gangster state now in place…This is nothing less than the passing of judeo-xtianity…

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