Saying goodbye to bolshevism…toward a new left…stop using the term ‘marxism’…

This is our third post on this today: the left needs to be clear about the bolshevik fiasco and critique the whole history, and especially the left needs correct information on the subject, a nearly impossible thing to hope.

In fact the left must disavow any connection with bolshevism and make clear that a socialist project, electoral or revolutionary has moved on from bolshevism/leninism and probably from marxism. We have restated the whole set of issues in just this fashion: a huge amount of material, free online, ten books. Goodbye to all that marx mishamash. A new generation is needed, one not trained by old marxists or bolsheviks…

We have a model for a virtual new movement, The Red Forty-eight Group. I am too old to start a movement even if I were able to do that, so our virtual movement clocks from 1848, so to speak. It makes no explicit reference to Marx as such, or marxism. We have created a super set of all that and can simply disengage and move on (or reengage, wary that the whole history here is anathema to a larger public). Shut up already, and stop using the term marxism…Never try to defend bolshevism. If asked, declare you are far beyond that…

Source: Revolutionary strategy and the electoral road | John Riddell

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