Revolutionary strategy and the electoral road | John Riddell

We have discussed this already once today but we should reiterate the need for a new formulation on the left.
First, it is almost impossible to arrive at the facts of the Bolshevik revolution. The idyllic picture of a worker’s democracy in action is mostly a myth. By the early twenties the secret police was in top form and a clear mockery of democratic fictions.
We need to start from scratch and create a new foundation for socialism/communism: the marxist brand is played out and needs a new and more intelligent framework. Marx’s dated theories have generated a complete botch of the whole effort, electoral or revolutionary.
The revolutionary path needs a complete critique of the bolshevik phase, without it noone in his right mind will take marxists seriously…

We have dozens of posts here with suggestions on starting over.

The danger of nebulous languageWhat is a “democratic socialist transformation”?The most democratic revolutionary event in modern history is undoubtedly the October Revolution in Russia of 1917. Here the insurrection was carried out by the Bolshevik-led soviets, democratically elected bodies of workers and majority-peasant soldiers. This was workers’ democracy in action.

Source: Revolutionary strategy and the electoral road | John Riddell

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