Marx’s theory of history lacks the distinction of free action/system action…

Marxists should study the eonic model: Marx creates a model of stages of economic history with communism at the end. We have critiqued this scheme but we can use it as an example of a system/model that has no distinction of free action and system action, although Marx was forced to actually come close on the sidelines to the distinction by the logic of his argument). Note that the appearance of communism has its own non-random aspect: it appears  inside two eonic transitions, the ancient greek and the modern transition, with Marx/Engels and the early french socialists  spectacularly just outside the ‘divide’: M/E are thus just in the passage from system action to free action or the realization of the communist idea. But they never get specific: they are almost stuck in the ‘system action’ abstractions….It is important to consider the ‘stream and sequence’  terminology of the model: and this would ask what is the history of the communist idea in general history outside of the transition sequence? Probably the sumerians invented it, like most everything, or else it is prefigured in the Neolithic, and of courst is appears to have some Paleolithic aspect. Once the eonic sequence  picks up something from the stream it gets amplified and shot out of a cannon: democracy, revolution, socialism/communism are good examples.

Emergent communism would some how be like ‘system action’ while its realization would be free action. The latter is absent from marxist models. Small wonder bolshevism crashed …

Here are the three sections on the ‘eonic model’ from Chapter 4 of World History and the Eonic Effect The first reference to the distinction is here, scroll down or use the search box T…

Source: The material on the eonic model from World History and the Eonic Effect: distinction of system action and free action appears throughout – Toward a New Socialism

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