The couterpunch obsession with russia-gate (and the 9/11 coverup)

I am certainly to the left of the phony leftists running counterpunch with its obsession to cover up the 9/11 conspiracy and lately its constant harping over russia-gate. The later is a real issue along with neoliberal fascism.
The question of russia’s attack on american democracy is indeed curious if the US isn’t really a democracy but it is nonetheless an important conspiracy to expose.
I have insufficient information to expose leftists in the pay of Putin, but the question remains up in the air: what’s is counterpunch’s obsession with russia-gate and its endless promotion of articles on the subject…

All of those on the left agree that the Russiagate story was a distraction at best. What remains deeply troubling though is that the entire (anti) establishment continues to position Russiagate itself as the boogeyman in the era of neoliberal fascism. Rather than confront the present fascist threat in the White House the opposition remains focused on defending Trump.

Source: Good Night Sweet Left

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