The overall failure of the second international era, from kautsky to lenin to trotsky: the whole shebang failed completely and nothing is left…except to ditch marxist dogma and start over with a new path to neo-communism…

After the discussion of Kautsky at Jacobin, the reaction comes swiftly from marxmail’s Proyect. We have tried almost as a form of humor, possibly quite serious, to consider an electoral option to abolish private property. Who knows, the way the new socialists are developing the Sanders ‘revolution’ could end up as the real thing. At that point it is essential to consider that while we can criticize Kautsky all we want but the stark fact remains that the bolsheviks blew it and no amount of reformism bashing can really change that. Kautsky saw the point whatever his other confusions. He is a hard man to understand and it is puzzling he has become, as Proyect notes, a kind of escape hatch figure.

Our stance here is to go with the critique of lenin/bolshevism but not to renounce as such the revolutionary option, nor f or that matter the reformist option: the latter is perhaps going to generate the former in the end. The moment is approach as we noted in the previous post when the public will become desperate to the point that an electoral abolition of private property will become thinkable. Then the problem is the ferocity of counterrevolution. The bourgeoisie won’t stand for electoral communism, so the revolution will become spontaneous. But the Jacobin folks are right to warn that the power of the state is vast at this point. How is a revolutionary DSA going to fight the CIA and the american military?
It will have to find a way. Or bust. Will the left be ready for a civil war? Can it find a way to survive one where the bolsheviks failed?

Face reality: students trained in marxist boilerplate talk revolution but have blown every opportunity. I can’t see a single success of marxism. A few simple changes could transform the whole subject. We have tried to explain some of reasons for that and suggested a more viable way to construct a neo-communism. It is not that hard until you try to make everything consistent with marxist doctrine. We adopt the view that the empirical and class studies of Marx are excellent while the theories of historical materialism and stages of production theory have crashed the socialist project. Our democratic market neo-communism suggests the issue is a slam dunk.

Karl Kautsky Five years ago Jacobin was a big happy family with the ISO and Solidarity members basking in the spotlight alongside the DSA intellectuals. Despite the obvious cleavage between the Tro…

Source: Down with neo-Kautskyism | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist


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