R48G: that settles it, I’m running: nemonemini 2020: expropriation of capital on the ballot..hey, it’s ‘Our Revolution’…a key campaign issue, Property is Theft…// [Marxism] Fwd: What Do You Think — Should I Run?

http://www.marxmail.org/msg157846.html: [Marxism] Fwd: What Do You Think — Should I Run?

The idea of running for president starts as unrealistic/derisive then suddenly as a cogent idea, no doubt ahead of its time, but at the point when ‘time is running out’ we need to consider in the wake of Bernie Sanders if there is a real chance for a new and budding ‘socialist’ electorate to vote for the real thing: can the issue of the expropriation of capital succeed in creating the foundation of a Commons in the sense of our ecological socialism as ‘democratic market neo-communism’? The party for this is our Red Forty-eight Group, a post-marxist brand that is far from the old marxist slogan cults but with key issue, expropriation (national, with a projected international): it offers a way out of the climate catastrophe underway as ecological socialism, a robust economic populism (guaranteed jobs, health care, education, housing…) and a mixed system of market socialism, and planned economies along with a sector three system as depicted in our Manifestos…All of the idiocy of frankenstein bolshevism would be a thing of the past…we could have either a roaring socialist market economy with planning or a lifeboat ‘degrowth system’ with a robust survival system.
The key is the creation of a Commons: the abolition of private property in the sense of capital, with all property below a certain threshold left to its own as the fruits of primitive accumulation and capitalist expropriating revert to a Commons. There are a dozen ways to do that: we can by a stroke of the pen declare with respect to the US declare all capital to a Commons, but leave most corporate entities in place using licensed resources…

There are hundreds of aspects to this but the key foundation must either come by revolution or by electoral means. I think a growing generation of ‘democratic socialists’ have smartly outsmarted themselves by adopting the language real social expropriation without going whole hog. Just as Sanders brought the socialist idea back, so a new generation is about ready for the real meaning of Sanders’ revived ‘socialism’.

As the climate situation grows more and more desperate electoral expropriation will suddenly be common sense.

Look at the case of Exxon: it has destroyed a planet, does it deserve to exist, its primitive accumulation has made the natural resource of oil int private property, such property is theft to adapt the fine campaign slogan of Proudhon…there’s more, we’re just getting started…

yeah, right, it’s too radical. Wait til Florida sinks beneath the ways, we’ll see, told’ya, etc…

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