marxism should dissolve/reformulate…[Marxism] The ISO has dissolved

The whole marxist left should reform, or a least generate a new related but transformed group, org, or movement.
The the marxist left can’t communicate with the public any more, this at a time of extreme crisis developing.
we have suggested a dozen ways that the ‘ism’ can transform itself with a charge that the original theory/theories of historical materialism are fallacious.

So apparently the ISO voted to dissolve itself. I understand that for many people who have been long-time members, this can be traumatic. Unlike the post-“turn” SWP, I am under the impression that most of the ISO’ers felt like their membership was positive overall, including a colleague of mine who I have deep respect for as a writer and a tribune of the masses.As I told Omar Hassan of the Socialist Alternative in Australia, another “Leninist” group of considerable merit, Marx and Engels dissolved the First International after it stopped serving a useful purpose. Bert Cochran and Harry Braverman created the Socialist Union in 1954 and brought to an end in 1959 when it became obvious that it had run its course. Peter Camejo launched the North Star Network in 1982 (or so) and it too came to an end.Dissolving a group like the ISO is a different story obviously because members had much higher expectations and a much larger investment in a newspaper, publishing arm, full-time staff, etc. Be that as it may, none of these assets will have been built in vain. The hundreds of people who have been through this experience and who will certainly remain in contact with each other can play an important role in serving as a catalyst in the formation of a revolutionary organization that has learned from not only their own bitter experience but of others that have gone through such a trauma. In my case, the SWP was a disaster but the lessons I learned from building the antiwar movement have served me well over the years. I only wish that several hundred people who came out of our experience had cohered in some fashion.I wish the comrades good luck in future endeavors.

Source: [Marxism] The ISO has dissolved

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