Marxist idiots comrades…?//Reflections on coherence and comradeship |

The left is turning in circles and getting nowhere. We have analyzed the problems ad infinitum here, with hundreds of essays, so we can link our discussions to this one.
The author has a good book on Lenin but let’s forget him. The moment we even mention him a thousand enemies activate and say NO!

The older left needs to move on or else leave a restart to a new generation.
But the key issue is to move from the marxist legacy with a critique of the way it has failed repeatedly in every case that it had an opportunity: the reason is the failure to specify what was involved in creating socialism.

This is the fault in part of the ‘grand theory’ syndrome that Marx created with his fallacious theory of history. At the same time the issues of communism, expropriation and revolution/evolution remain.
The future left doesn’t need the millstone of historical materialism around its neck. It stages of production historicism has confused the issue. The left needs a specify blueprint of a new society, one that is clear, specific, disowns bolshevism, leninism, and marxist grand theory (its specific empirical insights are often of use, but to even mention Marx at this point confuse all discussion with the mistrust bolshevism created).
We have created a tool to model a new socialism/commnunism, an ecological ‘democratic market neo-communism’ in several books and this can enforce thinking about how to model a complex social system based on a Commmons, and do this in advance so that the public see what is envisioned, and comment on it. Revolutionary or evolutionary it needs to generate popular support and interest. Nothing that marxists day can really do that now.
The left barely does its homework and can’t discuss the practical issues of an economy that can realize a neo-communism in a robust system. Its position is thus ridiculous. We can’t have a revolution and then decide what to do. We must have a system if republican, democratic, based on a Commons with a definite stance on all important questions. we must also failsafe the process with a guarantee against a stalinist outcome.

Source: Reflections on coherence and comradeship |

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