John Bellamy Foster on the ‘Green New Deal’

For once I am almost in agreement with a marxist, but the reality is that marxists have made a mess of communism, they will surely make a mess of ecological socialism.

Let’s let Bellamy speak here, noting only that his claim Marx was really an ecological socialist from yore is dubious, and that the key conflict will be the working class and its collision with the issue of economy and growth. Sooner or later marxists will turn into stalinist ecological vanguardists making peasants out of the workers in a new aristocracy, no? JFB assures us otherwise, might ‘fine words’ prevail. Best to be wary of the false promises of the marxist cadre. In practice ecological socialism requires a complete rethink of the whole now useless legacy.
Useful read. But marxists talk the talk but always fumble the ball.

We are faced in our time with a choice unlike that faced by any previous generations. In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote of the need for a “revolutionary reconstitution of society at large or the common ruin of the contending classes.” But today, this threatened “common ruin” pertains not simply to this or that society or civilization, but to humanity as whole, encompassing all future generations, and represents the near certainty—if business-as-usual continues—of irrevocable, catastrophic change on a planetary level. In these dire circumstances, there is only one answer possible: a long ecological revolution.

Source: John Bellamy Foster on the ‘Green New Deal’

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