Harris on 9/11…//Response to Controversy | Sam Harris

Dealing with Sam Harris is tricky and I wouldn’t want to be unfair having attacked him multiple times. Let me just say that his ‘new atheism’ is flawed and got off on the wrong foot when the issue of 9/11, on which Harris was and still is confused, also entered to inject what is now called his Islamophobia: 9/11 was a false flag op that was horrifically unfair to moslems and in that context ‘islamophobia’ was in many ways a covert creation puffed up to fuel the war on terror. To not get that halfway straight befuddles all discussion and leaves Harris in a muddle.
But the history of islam is tricky and propaganda either way gets it wrong. But at least the confusion with israel and its hidden provocations should be exposed beside the promotion of atheism…

In the end one must recommend secular critique by moslems of their own legacy, since it is almost impossible for outsiders to even discuss the issues. The question of jihad historically, as the right has long since taken up obsessively, was not pretty and the spread of religion via armies of plundering thugs can’t be covered up.

But the other mysteries of islam, such as sufism, beggar most exterior monotheism in a set of strange wonders. The result is complex. In the end the tide of secularism will sweep away monotheism.

Source: Response to Controversy | Sam Harris

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