Ecological socialism versus the monopoly of marxist bullshit…

This is typical marxist boilerplate applied to a new situation that marxism was never really able to observe let alone solve. What does this nonsense mean? The materialist conception of history is a speculative historicism incapable of resolving the issues of nature and the whole cadre of marxists seem obsessed with showing how their ideology can respond to a wholly new situation when it fact it is blind to the facts.
The dynamic of history is not economic and that’s the real key to liberation from capitalism. Marxists have enclosed us in a cage of economic determinism and can’t even consider the idea of freedom as issue of history. Marx was clear: no values, only reductionist science. It is as if the Romantics poets, the first protest against the industrial revolution. were villains for seeing the significance of nature. Marxists are retards stuck in the early twentieth century in a frozen stupidity, one whose bolshevik legacy shows zero concern for nature or ecology. Who is arguing for the great man of history legacy? The real dynamic of history is a complex evolutionary macro driver like that seen in the eonic effect. And it warns against simplistic economic thinking…

For centuries, philosophers of history have argued that the prime movers of historical change are great individuals (generally men) or grand new ideas (Plekhanov, 1895; for a brief version, see, Plekhanov, 1897). In The German Ideology (1845) and subsequent work, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels challenged these theories of societal change by proposing a materialist conception of history in which the dominant mode of production conditions the emergence of “great men” and “grand new ideas” and class struggle is the prime mover of history. Thus, Marx spent decades developing his critique of political economy to show the laws of motion of the capitalist mode of production that condition proletarian class struggle, hence the prospects for socialism. As the Russian Marxist philosopher G.V. Plekhanov (1898) puts it “[c]asual phenomena and the personal qualities of celebrated people are ever so much more noticeable than deep-lying general causes.”

Source: 3212. A Future for American Capitalism or The Future of Life on Earth?: An Ecosocialist Critique of the “Green New Deal”

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